The Best Waist Training Corsets for 2017

The use of corsets, considered the cause of female swooning throughout history, has made a softer landing on today’s beauty stage. Some of us remember scenes of young women gripping a handhold tightly while a “dresser” pulled the laces of the corset tighter and tighter until the young woman’s waist measured 18” or less. The result was a slim waist with more emphasis on the bosom. The corset achieved the effect young women desired by creating the ideal silhouette of the day. Girls introduced to training corsets before puberty had slim waistlines and perfect posture as women.

We will introduce you to a comparison chart detailing the top 5 waist training corsets. Hope it will help you have more information to make the best decision !

Best Waist Training Corsets Comparison Chart

Product Overal Rating Brand Material Where to buy?
Workout Band Waist Trainer by Ann Chery 2026 Workout Band Waist Trainer by Ann Chery 2026
★★★★★ (5) Ann Cherry Cotton / Latex Buy Workout Band Waist Trainer by Ann Chery 2026
Black Cashmere Underbust Corset Black Cashmere Underbust Corset
★★★★ (4.5) Timeless Trends Cotton / Wool / Fabric / 20 Spiral Steel Stays Buy Black Cashmere Underbust Corset
Silk Floral Brocade Corset Silk Floral Brocade Corset
★★★★ (4.5) Timeless Trends Satin / 3 Layers of Fabric / 26 Spiral Steel Stays Buy Silk Floral Brocade Corset
Sculpting Vest Waist Trainer by Amia A103 Sculpting Vest Waist Trainer by Amia A103
★★★★ (4.5) Amia Rubber / Cotton Buy Sculpting Vest Waist Trainer by Amia A103
Camellias 26 Steel Boned Heavy Duty Waist Trainer Corset Camellias 26 Steel Boned Heavy Duty Waist Trainer Corset
★★★★ (4) Camellias Rubber Latex / Cotton Buy Camellias 26 Steel Boned Heavy Duty Waist Trainer Corset

What is a Waist Training Corset?

If your ring finger has a smaller circumference below the knuckle than your other fingers then you have an idea of how the use of a waist training corset, over time, can create a small waist. A corset training, narrows the waist, raises and shapes the bust line, flattens the tummy and improves posture.

For “tight-lacing” or waist training, the corset must be a true corset fitted for you. Many products labeled as corsets are really bustier, waist cinchers (read more about best waist cinchers) or lightweight ornamental fluff designed to look like a corset. Wear those for the boyfriend. If you are wearing a corset as an occasional accessory to make your waist look smaller then less heavy-duty corsets will do fine.

Key Features of a Waist Training Corset

  • Corsets for training are sturdy and firm
  • Choose a corset made from durable fabric
  • Check that the boning is close together and spans the whole garment
  • Boning is from steel or another product just as strong
  • Laces are not ribbons but strong fabric laces that can endure constant stress.
  • Lace grommets should be steel for durability
  • Corsets come in different lengths; one or all will be perfect for your torso.

How to Begin Waist Training

You finally have your new corset chosen from the many designs from plain to gorgeous prints and fabrics. Waist training corsets can be worn under clothing enabling you to wear one all the time in any setting. I suggest when you are where it matters wear looser fitting clothes. It is a small inconvenience to achieve your long-term goal, which is a skinny waist. Corsets are a valuable and effective tool to make you look sexy so start with three phases for maximum effectiveness.

  1. Start wearing your waist-training corset every day, gradually lengthening the time you keep it on. It does take a while to get used to so begin with 3 or 4 hours daily and gradually increase the time you wear it. Some gals wear them all day and night. Keep in mind; you will perspire under the corset so wear comfortable fabric next to your skin.
  1. Eat good food but less of it to speed up the loss of weight. This is going to be easier because the compression of the corset affects how much food you can put in your stomach and still feel comfortable. It is a nice little side effect to wearing a corset. Just make sure the food you do eat is nutrient dense.
  1. Exercise more, using your corset as an aid. You especially want to do core exercises while wearing your corset. It will help you control and hold positioning. Try the plank with your corset and without. Do you feel how much easier it is to control your torso and how much longer you can hold the positon? New Moms will benefit because the corset holds that after-baby tummy droop firmly. A corset improves your temporary appearance while you work on making a better appearance permanent.

We have done a quick overview of waist training corsets including what they are and how we can benefit from incorporating them into our lives, you can read more in How to Start Waist Training? dedicated post. Now we want to get down to some specifics.

Best Waist Training Corsets Reviews

Now that you are ready to buy your first corset, let’s find the best products. There are dozens of corset manufacturers but not all corsets are good quality or even good for waist training. We have done the research and now we will pass on to you the top five rated corsets for waist training.

Workout Band Waist Trainer by Ann Chery 2026

Workout Band Waist Trainer by Ann Chery 2026
Workout Band Waist Trainer by Ann Chery 2026 Costumer Review
Cotton / Latex

The workout band is not a traditional corset with lacing up the back. However, it is an effective waist trainer especially for use during workouts.

The band is high compression latex and stimulates perspiration around your core during activity. It fits well under clothes and is comfortable all day because of the cotton inner lining. There is boning for core and posture stability while exercising. A double row of hook and eye closures allow you to adjust down as you become slimmer.

One thing women love about this waist trainer is the way they look as soon as they put it on. For many their waistline is instantly two – three inches smaller.

Who does not love a little instant gratification to motivate them to keep up the good work? With a choice of colors in fuchsia, purple and blue you can color coordinate your work out wardrobe. Read our complete review.

Black Cashmere Underbust Corset

Black Cashmere Underbust Corset
Black Cashmere Underbust Corset Costumer Review
Cotton / Wool / Fabric / 20 Spiral Steel Stays

A touch of class and elegance so you can keep your waist-training schedule even during formal affairs. Pair this cashmere corset with your favorite black or red silk and spikey heels to knock their eyeballs out. Every girl should have this bit of conservative glamour in her wardrobe. It feels wonderful, inside and outside.

For many, this corset is the one that defined the difference between cheap ineffective discount brands and quality, comfortable and long lasting.

As elegant as it is, the black cashmere under bust corset is still a serious player in your search for the hourglass figure. It has everything you have come to expect from a quality corset including the steel stays, rods and steel busk closures.

Maximum compression with the lace up back cinches your waist, adds fullness to your breasts and improves your posture for a knockout confident look.

Silk Floral Brocade Corset

Silk Floral Brocade Corset
Silk Floral Brocade Corset Costumer Review
Satin / 3 Layers of Fabric / 26 Spiral Steel Stays

This beautiful under bust corset incorporates the essentials of effective waist training corset with quality construction and beautiful materials. It comes in black satin brocade that will instantly spark your inner Scarlett O’Hara.

The corset, made from three layers of fabric for durability and comfort, is satin on the inside as well as out. It can easily fit under clothing while waist training but do not hide the beauty of the corset all the time. Wear it on the outside to enhance an outfit as well as your waist and bust.

The supports are 26 flexible spiral and six flat steel stays. That is 32 all steel flexible bones supporting you. The back lacing is strong cord. Of course the front busk hooks are sturdy steel as well.

The most telling aspect about the quality of this corset is the initial comfort. It does have to be broken in or “seasoned” like all corsets but buyers found they did not experience the sore spots and bruising that are common in lesser quality corsets.

Sculpting Vest Waist Trainer by Amia A103

Sculpting Vest Waist Trainer by Amia A103
Sculpting Vest Waist Trainer by Amia A103 Costumer Review
Rubber / Cotton

This vest waist trainer is another sculpting garment that uses compression for slimming your body. This trainer is made of rubber lined with cotton. There is boning and shoulder straps for stability but you can still wear your choice of bras with it. It is for wear under clothing and comes in black or nude.

The waist trainer has a long line, going from under the bust over the top of the hips. Pull this on and expect to see one to four inches gone immediately. Your body will look like a perfect hourglass, smooth and firm.

The sculpting vest waist trainer is perfect for squishier bodies, especially post-partum or just after any significant weight loss.

It is a real confidence builder by giving you the shape you want right away. Your posture will improve and clothing will look the way you imagined it would. Wear it while exercising and speed up weight loss.

Camellias 26 Steel Boned Heavy Duty Waist Trainer Corset

Camellias 26 Steel Boned Heavy Duty Waist Trainer Corset
Camellias 26 Steel Boned Heavy Duty Waist Trainer Corset Costumer Review
Rubber Latex / Cotton

This popular under bust corset is small but very effective. Easily worn under clothing showing off your tiny waist and perky bust line while working on making that silhouette a reality in your own body naturally. The sleek silhouette will flatten your tummy with no bulges and minimize the muffin.

The corset comes in black with four garters for private playtime. However this is a serious maximum compression waist trainer. It will take inches off your waist and help with weight loss.

The Camellias 26 Steel Boned Heavy Duty Waist Trainer Corset has 26 steel stays and 4 steel support bars in back as well as 2 steel stays along the front busk with steel front busk stays. Three layer fabric construction for comfort and quality.

Exercises for Waist Training

Yes, you can exercise while wearing your corset. In fact, if you are looking to lose weight and reshape you should add exercise to your waist-training regimen. After all, you plan to walk, eat and work while wearing your corset so there is no reason to remove it for exercise. If you already have an exercise routine, continue to follow it. If you want to try something new, there are workouts designed especially for waist training in a corset. Look for one you like or try this video:

A word about eating

You can use your corset like an external lap band. No surgery needed. You will be eating smaller portions but more often, which is a good way to eat. Therefore, while you are reshaping your waist, you will lose some fat. If you do not have any weight to lose then let your comfort level be your guide. Some gals take the corset off for meal times so they can really dig in. Others are fine with just loosening the laces a bit.

Do you want to sleep in a corset?

For those of you who are aggressive about your waist training, there is no reason not to sleep in your corset as long as you are comfortable enough to sleep well. Try these tips for maximum comfort but if you are uncomfortable then do not despair:

  • Daytime waist training is enough to achieve your goals
  • Your muscles relax while sleeping, so loosen the laces an inch or two so the corset does not feel too tight
  • Start slow. Try wearing the corset while napping
  • If you are fine wearing the corset while napping, then try it for nighttime
  • If you wake up uncomfortable, then take it off and go back to sleep
  • If you sleep through the night and feel rested the next morning, then good

I do not believe that “no pain no gain” should be applied to waist training with a corset. However, for the cause of beauty we women have slept with brush curlers poking our scalp, acne medication burning our skin, socks and gloves over greasy feet and hands and chinstraps to prevent double chins. As a species, we are very tough and adventuresome in the pursuit of our personal best.

The big question

How long does it take to begin seeing results? Individuals see individual results. Some see results the first week, but that is not usual. What body shape are you starting with? Are you dieting and exercising with wearing a corset or just using the corset for reshaping? Are you wearing your corset every day and for how many hours? Those are all factors but keep a steady regimen and you will get results.

Measure your waist without the corset weekly to track your progress. The good news is you are going to look trim and sexy as soon as you put your corset on. Your waist and tummy will look flatter and your bosom larger and higher. You will stand straighter giving you an air of confidence. You will be turning heads right away, making the journey to your desirable non-corseted body a very enjoyable one.

Choosing The Best Waist Training Corset


For waist training, you choose the corset style you prefer based on your comfort level.

  • Over bust- not as comfortable for waist training
  • Under bust- more comfortable for waist training
  • Long Line – works fine for waist training
  • Short style- also works fine for waist training
  • Rubber or Latex compression cinchers great while exercising.

After you have decided style then comes the hard part, fabric and design. There are so many beautiful choices from sweet ruffles and bows to taunting leather and buckles. You will want a wardrobe of corsets to fit your moods.


You discover your best size by:

  • Measure your waist just above your belly button. Check where your waist naturally bends to measure so you can match the bend of the corset. For waist training to work, you will choose a corset 3-4 inches smaller than your waist.
  • Now measure your upper hip below the waist. This measurement is important because corsets reach to the upper hip.
  • Next, measure just under your bust. Do not pull the tape measure tight, just taunt.
  • If you are choosing an over the bust corset, measure your bust at the fullest part.

Write these measurements down because those numbers will decide the size corset you buy. The right length depends on your torso length, not height. If you are considered “long-waisted” or “short-waisted” your probably already know that because it plays into how all clothing fits you. The same guidelines are true for corsets. So do not buy a short corset just because you are short. You may need a long one if you are “long-waisted”. The same is true for tall people so check before ordering. You may be perfectly comfortable in all lengths, no matter your torso length. They all work, so length is a matter of personal comfort and choice.


Remember, we are talking about waist training using a corset. Fashion plays a role but construction is the important part. The boning is made from steel and grommets and lacing guards are metal for lacing corsets. For latex cinchers only strong material will make the inches disappear. Anything less and the garment will not give you the results you want. It may look great, but it will not help with waist training.

Breaking in your Corset

Oh yes! You have to break it in. If you do not break your corset in properly, you may damage the grommets and stays so it will never form to your curves correctly. It will take about a week. Follow these steps to condition your lace up corset.

  1. Carefully remove your new corset from its wrapping and unhook the front
  2. Lay the corset out flat and gently open the laces until fully extended
  3. Now put your corset on by closing the front busk, starting in the middle and then working your way up and down until all are closed. The first few times, that might be a little difficult but it will become very easy
  4. Make sure the corset is setting on your torso perfectly
  5. Now pull the laces lightly until the corset is snug, not tight
  6. The first day wear it for an hour, snug the laces a little more, then wear for another hour
  7. Repeat the routine daily snugging the laces a little more each time and wearing for longer periods each day

By following these steps, your corset will slowly adapt to your body without forcing it to conform and possibly damaging it. There will be no gaps at the top or bottom of the garment. You will be able to wear it as long as you choose and snug the laces as tight as you want creating your best shape.

How Many People Do You Need to Lace a Corset?

Just one. You can do it all by yourself. Put the corset on making sure it is centered hook the busk. The back modesty panel should not bunch. Now you are ready to start lacing. The laces of your corset are in X’s, like your sneaker laces. Alternating from the bottom then the top you will tighten those X’s until the laces are as tight as you want them to be, meeting in the middle. Now, holding a lace end in each hand pull snugly, wrap around and tie in a large bow in the back so no long tails are hanging below the bottom of the corset. With practice, it will get easier, especially after your corset is broken in. It just fits itself to you making the hooks snap together in the front and holding its place while you lace. Of course, there is nothing wrong with a little help when available and willing.

Proper Care for Your Corset

You want to keep your corset in good condition so it lasts, especially since you did the work to mold it to your shape. Follow these guidelines to corset care:

  • Always hang the corset, on either a hangar or chair back inside out by the laces so it can air out. Do not roll it up and shove it in a drawer
  • You can spot clean it with a mild cleaning solution but never wash it. Remember, steel rusts and the boning will bend out of shape
  • Do not put it in the dryer to air because it will become misshapen
  • Spray a little fabric deodorizer on the corset if you feel it is necessary
  • Do not wear the corset next to your skin. You are going to sweat in the corset area so wear a thin undergarment like a camisole or t-shirt. That will keep the corset from becoming stained as well as preserving freshness

Final Thoughts

We all want to look trimmer and have a small waist to accentuate our curves and look our best. Fortunately, we have access to fun products that will help us do just that while improving our natural shape. We can wear our corsets plain or with ribbons and lace. We can choose according to our mood from Victorian, elegant, lusty or conservative. The best part is we do not have to wait six months to look like we lost inches from our waist.

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