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Top 10 Best Butt Lifter Underwear 2024

Best Butt Lifter Underwear

As a woman, it cannot be denied that body shaming is rampant, especially on various social media platforms this 2024. This is one of the primary reasons why more and more people are now conscious of how they look, particularly women. Images of beautiful women with seemingly perfect bodies and a beautiful outfit make many think like having a pretty face is no longer enough—that without an attractive physique, they come up in the appearance department looking bad no matter how amazing the outfit.

To avoid body shaming, many women resort to various ways of improving their figures, especially their tummy, waist, and booty. Some undergo surgery as an enhancer, get butt injections, or step up their workout routines to look great in their pants and get the better figure. The good news is those aren’t your only options and you can get a butt lift and results without the expensive procedures.

Nowadays you can don underwear that gives you a bum as it helps lift your bottom, with an enhancer and shapewear being all the rage for women to improve their figure. And as long as you find the best butt lifting underwear for you, you can definitely enhance the look of your midsection and bottom effortlessly. So read on as I show you the 10 best butt lifter reviews you can purchase this 2024!

Best Butt Lifter Underwear 2024 Comparison Table

Gotoly Shaper High Waist Trainer Review1. Gotoly Shaper High Waist Trainer★★★★ (5)GotolyNylon / SpandexCheck Price
Nebility Women Butt Lifter Shaper Review2. Nebility Women Butt Lifter Shaper★★★★ (5)NebilityNylon / SpandexCheck Price
La Reve - Butt Lifter Padded and Butt Shape Underwear Review3. La Reve - Butt Lifter Padded and Butt Shape Underwear★★★★ (4.5)La-ReveNylon / SpandexCheck Price
EMPETUA High Waist Shaper Shorts Review4. EMPETUA High Waist Shaper Shorts★★★★ (4)EMPETUANylon / SpandexCheck Price
SAYFUT - Women's Butt Shaper with Seamless Tummy Control & Hi-waist Thigh Slimmer Review5. SAYFUT - Women's Butt Shaper with Seamless Tummy Control & Hi-waist Thigh Slimmer★★★★ (4.5)SAYFUNylon / SpandexCheck Price
KIWI RATA Butt Lifter Review6. KIWI RATA Butt Lifter★★★★ (4)KIWI RATANylon / SpandexCheck Price
FUT Butt Lifter Review7. FUT Butt Lifter★★★★ (4)FUTNylon / SpandexCheck Price
Beautyin - Womens Butt & Body Shapers Panties Review8. Beautyin - Womens Butt & Body Shapers Panties★★★★ (4)BeautyinNylon / SpandexCheck Price
LANFEI - Women's Buttocks Lifter and Enhancer Shaper Panties Review9. LANFEI - Women's Buttocks Lifter and Enhancer Shaper Panties★★★ (3.5)LANFEINylon / SpandexCheck Price
SEXYWG - Women's Butt and Body Shaper/Lifter Tummy Control Seamless Panty Review10. SEXYWG - Women's Butt and Body Shaper/Lifter Tummy Control Seamless Panty★★★★★ (5)SEXYWNylon / SpandexCheck Price

What is a Butt Lifter?

As the name entails, butt lifting underwear is basically an undergarment worn specifically as an enhancer, for the purpose of lifting the buttocks without undergoing a surgical procedure. Many women are afraid of going under the knife to get perfectly round bottom shapes, not to mention that it requires a hefty amount of cash to do so, which is why they are 50/50 when making such a huge decision. If you prefer not to have work done on your butt and have yet to find the best butt lift workout, bottom-lifting shapewear or an enhancer is an excellent alternative.

Wearing an underwear enhancer that gives you a bum offers several advantages. Not only is it painless, but bum lift underwear also produces results instantaneously without the risk of privacy violation and at a fraction of the cost of surgical enhancement (you only need to save up for the cost of order and, if you’re ordering online, shipping).

Most women regard bottom-lifting shapewear and enhancers as a bra for the bum because it holds and lifts the buttock to create an ideal shape the same way bras lift women’s breasts to create a sexy cleavage. You may have heard of these referred to as a butt body shaper, buttock lifter, or boyshort shapewear. Underwear that gives you a bum is also sometimes called lifting panties or padded panties.

Although the premise of padded underwear is the same regardless of the term used for it, not all butt lifting underwear and enhancers are created equal. Some brands are manufactured with high quality, while other alternatives are not that effective in delivering results and fall short of expectations, though depending on situations.Hence, in this article, we have curated a list of the best butt lifting underwear and enhancer in the market this 2024, all of which are available for online ordering and shipping.

10 Butt Lifter Underwear Reviews 2024

Choosing the right butt lifting enhancer or shapewear can be quite daunting, especially if you have a lot of body shaper buttock lifters to choose from. Chances are you’ll find yourself asking: Which one will lift my buttocks best? Which body part types and bottom shapes does this design suit? Which offers the level of comfort and privacy I need? What ordering and shipping concerns do I need to watch out for? Because of all this, it is easy to get confused and get tricked into buying the wrong product.

But fret not, as we’ve done the hard work for you. We compiled a list of best butt lifter panty enhancer for women this 2024 and came up with reviews based on fabric, design, and overall performance. The only part you need to do is make your pick.

1. Gotoly Shaper High Waist Trainer

✔ High waist design to hug your hip and waist
✔ Helps improve your back posture without hurting your bones
✔ Shapewear for the hourglass shape

✘ Can’t wear with a cropped top or it will be seen
✘ Better made for those with bigger hip and waist measurements

I like this high waist trainer because of its beautiful lingerie design made to help you feel more confident in what you wear! The enhancer comes in different sizing that are suitable for plus-sized women, coming in size 11 to 15. However, you can also find other sizing for smaller-boned ladies.

It doesn’t look too tight when worn, and there are no flabs or wrinkles, looking smooth as I walk around. I can wear jeans or a good dress to hug my body well and get the curves I want!

Best Features

  • Has a cooling panel for hot days, keeping you cool
  • Not padded for ladies with a bigger booty
  • Accurate sizing and will fit snugly without hurting yourself

2. Nebility Women Butt Lifter Shaper

✔ Shapewear made with breathable fabrics 
✔ Feels soft and healthy from hip to crotch area
✔ Tightens bottom and hip area for a sexier look

✘ May leave some bulginess around the hip for bigger people
✘ Better to order one size lower due to inaccurate sizing

The Nebility Butt Lifter is a piece I love because it’s made to help control not just your butt, but your back and hip as well. It’s kind to your hip area as it fits snugly while naturally giving it curves for a bigger butt and slimmer waist. The high waist and honeycomb design is what makes it more efficient in making you look sexier!

Besides this, the shaper is made with a more breathable fabric from the waist to crotch (80% polyester and cotton), so you won’t have to worry about itching or sweating.

  • High waist design to use as a waist trainer
  • Effective shaper that gives an hourglass shape
  • Tiny breathable holes for your skin to breathe better
  • Made with 80% polyester and cotton

3. La Reve – Butt Lifter Padded and Butt Shape Underwear

✔ Control panties for tummy control and butt lift
✔ Lessens the appearance of muffin tops
✔ Has 90% nylon-material for stretchy comfort
✔ Works on lifting butt muscles comfortably

✘ Better for small butt type
✘ Comes in small sizing, garment may feel tight

La Reve - Butt Lifter Padded and Butt Shape Underwear Review

If you are one of those women who are not gifted with perfectly round buttocks, then there’s still hope for you. This padded booty lifter and shapewear panties from La-Reve is a life-saver. It is made from 90% nylons and 10% spandex, allowing for a seamless design and utmost comfort. Moreover, this butt lifting underwear boasts a nice lace design, making you feel sexier while wearing it.

The pads used in these panties are removable, and they firmly stay in place; thus, you don’t have to worry about it being misshapen. The design is recommended for women who have small buttocks but want to be confident wearing lifting panties with any dress or pants.

Best Features

  • The panties have a lightweight tummy control to flatten your tummy area, making you look slim.
  • The pads used are not too bulky, giving your buttocks a natural shape that no one would think you’ve got some pads underneath.
  • It fits your buttocks perfectly, giving you a nice rounded rear shape without appearing fake in any part.
  • Some buyers have a problem with size with the panties, saying they got a really small size. Thus, before you purchase and proceed with shipping, make sure to check the size chart carefully.

4. EMPETUA High Waist Shaper Shorts

✔ Comes in a wide range of sizings from 0 to 15
✔ Shapewear to provide beautiful and sexy curves naturally
✔ Doesn’t feel painful or too tight, has accurate size

✘ The shapewear sometimes rolls down
✘ They aren’t panties, so it may be seen when wearing very short clothes

Lastly, the EMPETUA High Waist shaper shorts are the shapewear that’s suitable for ANY size and shape! You can find sizing ranging from 0 to 15, offering the versatility and body-hugging properties for that hourglass shape and flat stomach. And of course, this is also a butt enhancer that makes the booty perkier and look bigger.

It has the coverage made for the tummy, waist, and back, looking discreet when wearing most outfits. Besides this, it doesn’t hurt the bones when worn, fitting snugly without any pain. While they aren’t panties or offer the best cooling effect, they do its part in keeping my curves smooth and enhanced.

Best Feature

  • Made for all types of shapes and sizes
  • Effective shapewear for the back, waist, hip, and butt
  • Good design that has it look discreet and remains unseen

5. SAYFUT – Women’s Butt Shaper with Seamless Tummy Control & Hi-waist Thigh Slimmer

✔ Good body shaper that offers muscle tone results
✔ Lifts bottoms and makes it look bigger inconspicuously
✔ Effective shapewear for waist and tummy, too

✘ The lifter is not the best to wear with dresses
✘ Doesn’t offer much cheek coverage

SAYFUT - Women's Butt Shaper with Seamless Tummy Control & Hi-waist Thigh Slimmer Review

Second on the list is this butt shaper from SAYFUT. This underwear is the real thing when it comes to getting fast results. It offers seamless tummy control and has a high waist thigh slimmer. Hence, it does not only lift your buttocks, it also gives your tummy a flat and sexy shape. The tummy control feature helps tuck your tummy fats, making for a sexy and slim look whenever you’re wearing a body-hugging dress.

Unlike padded underwear, this butt lifting underwear does not have pads to create the illusion of big buttocks. It only lifts the buttocks to enhance the natural shape of your backside. Thus, a lot of women are happy with the product so far, saying they don’t have to worry whether or not the pads are distorted.

Best Features

  • It is made from high-quality materials for a comfortable and seamless fit.
  • It comes in various size options, from small to triple extra large, so there is a size for all types of bottom shapes.
  • It has full coverage, covering your whole rear while lifting it to enhance your buttocks’ natural shape.
  • Aside from shaping your behind, this tummy control and high waist thigh slimmer helps tighten your abdomen and upper thigh, giving you a slim and well-proportioned figure.
  • It is best for women who want to slim down their thighs and have a thigh gap.
  • It is the perfect underwear if you are fond of wearing leggings. It gives the best buttlifters before and after results.

6. KIWI RATA Butt Lifter

✔ Can wear anything over the enhancer shorts without looking obvious
✔ Extra padding made for those with flat butt and hip
✔ Detachable paddings for adjustment and easy cleaning

✘ Doesn’t have a high waist design, only targets hip and butt
✘ It’s not made for those with bigger hips and butt

KIWI RATA Butt Lifter Review

The KIWI RATA butt lifter offers a good padding to add to the measurements your natural booty may lack. It’s designed as shorts, short enough to wear under short dresses without people knowing you’re wearing any paddings under clothing. Besides this, it also has some padding around the hip area and edges for curvier looks.

Best Features

  • Breathable fabrics for sweat-free days
  • Shapewear you can use for any clothing
  • Creates sexier butt curves naturally

7. FUT Butt Lifter

✔ Shapewear and butt enhancer focusing on the hip and bottom
✔ Can be worn over a dress or jeans without looking obvious
✔ Panties are easy to clean and durable to last long

✘ Not made for those with flat butts or hip
✘ The thong-like design might feel weird at first

FUT Butt Lifter Review

The FUT Butt Lifter panties gives those with a big bottom the curves you want without it looking obvious you’re wearing an enhancer. The panty is invisible so you can wear a dress, jeans, or any piece of clothing while looking perkier. The panties have full rear coverage and also add better hip dimension while controlling your tummy fat, looking firmer and slimmer.

Best Features

  • Breathable fabrics for sweat-free days
  • Shapewear you can use for any clothing
  • Creates sexier butt curves naturally

8. Beautyin – Womens Butt & Body Shapers Panties

✔ Butt lifter can be worn even with tight shorts and clothes
✔ Quality undergarment made with premium and soft fabric
✔ Butt lifter panty style to wear under clothes efficiently

✘ You may want to cut the thong-like material
✘ Might seem tight around the legs at first

Beautyin - Womens Butt & Body Shapers Panties Review

Some booty shapewear and bodysuits are meant for women with natural big butts, but how about those ladies with a petite figure and slim thighs? What if you are perfectly content with your thigh shape and have only problems with your rear shape?

Well, this booty lifter panties from Beautyin is the perfect match for you. It is specifically designed for women who have naturally slim thighs and a substantial amount of flesh in the derriere region.

This bum lift panties also has a nice flesh color, making it the perfect undergarment that can be worn with any color of clothing. In addition, users of the panty love the shape of their buttock once they’re wearing it.

Best Features

  • These panties give your small butt a perkier look so you can get a cute shape even if you don’t have a big butt.
  • If you are size 5 and 6 (underwear sizing), then the medium size of this butt lifter body shaper is good for you.
  • You can completely wear this underwear even under your tightest leggings.
  • You will not see any underwear lines, so people won’t be able to tell that you have padded panties on.
  • This is the best butt lifting underwear if you want your small derriere to look perky and plum.
  • Some women cut the thong-like material in between, but other than that, the product still works great and delivers the expected result

9. LANFEI – Women’s Butt Lifter and Enhancer Shaper Panties

✔ The shapewear does not ride up your legs or waist
✔ Gives amazing curves with shape control
✔ Enough coverage but minimal pads for inconspicuous butt lift
✔ Made with 85% nylons and 15% spandex-material

✘ Bum may feel uncomfortable with tight pants
✘ Design size runs small, need to order larger ones

LANFEI – Women’s Buttocks Lifter and Enhancer Shaper Panties Review

Some women like to wear underwear with more elasticity because of their curvier shape. If you think the same way, then LANFEI’s butt enhancer panty is perfect for you. Unlike the other butt lifting underwear on this list, LANFEI makes panties in a combination of 85% nylons and 15% spandex, for extra elasticity and comfort. Aside from giving your butt a nice shape, this panty adds dimension to your hips, creating the illusion of a wider hip, which in turn emphasizes your narrow waist.

However, it isn’t recommended for women with a lot of flesh on their upper thigh because the edge might roll up and make you feel uncomfortable. In such cases, you can opt for a bigger sizing to accommodate your thigh shape, but then again this might affect the fit and overall elasticity of the panty.

The manufacturer of this bum lift underwear recommends that you get one size bigger than your usual size. If you are thicker on the side and have meaty thighs, then consider going two sizes up.

Best features

  • The material used is very durable, making it the perfect butt lifter panty for curvy women.
  • It is a great butt shapewear for ladies with fleshier upper thighs, as this offers more elasticity than similar undergarments.
  • It works well with both butt lifting and belly fat tucking.
  • It does not ride up as you move all day. It only lifts your rear area.

10. SEXYWG – Women’s Butt and Body Shaper/Lifter Tummy Control Seamless Panty

✔ High-quality shapewear for big booty types
✔ High waist body shaper made of durable fabric
✔ Tummy control body shaper to lift butt well

✘ Some complaints of tightness and stitching
✘ Bit of discomfort for the first few days

SEXYWG - Women's Butt and Body Shaper/Lifter Tummy Control Seamless Panty Review

This tummy-control seamless panty is a top favorite because of its curve challenge feature, which makes it a perfect fit for women with a curvy figure. Furthermore, the material used is very comfortable and light on the skin, so you can wear these panties at any day and in any season. It also has full rear coverage and a tummy tuck design to flatten your tummy without making any lines.

One thing that users particularly love about the product are the levels of comfort the panties give to the wearer. With just one touch, you can tell it has the smoothness and elasticity you need when it comes to underwear that lifts your bottom.The SEXYWG butt lifter body shaper is made from high-quality material and has rear circular cut-outs, giving your butt an instant boost. For women with fleshy thighs, though, it is very important that you choose the right size, as the thigh area might be a little too tight if you go with one size smaller than your regular size. This is definitely one of the best choices for an enhancer this 2024!

Best Features

  • Panties have circular rear cut-outs that give your butt the instant boost it needs to look plump and perky.
  • The lightweight material used suits those who don’t like wearing a thick panty.
  • The enhancer fabric and quality are applauded by most buyers.
  • It works great on women with big buttocks, as the material can hold its shape for a long time.

Different Booty Types

Knowing and understanding your booty type will enable you choose the best booty shapewear to buy. To help you find the right fit, below is a list of the four different types of booty that you can use as reference before you make a purchase.

The V-Shape

This butt shape is very common among women with very broad shoulders and narrow hips according to Dr. Shulman. Older women whose fat storage goes from the butt to the midsection as a result of low levels of estrogen also often have this booty shape. If you have a V-Shape butt, it’s best to avoid wearing bikinis with a high-cut leg hole.  

The Pear Shape or A-Shape

The pear shape butt is considered to be the most feminine among all the bottom shapes of women. In fact, in some countries, this shape is the epitome of a sexy derriere.

The primary cause of this shape is the high levels of estrogen in the butt area. Women with this butt shape have a narrow waist and wider hips. More often than not, A-shape women tend to have fuller thighs, so bikinis and swimwear with laser-cut edges are the most flattering for this booty type.

Round or O-Shape

This butt shape is also self-explanatory. In case you have a hard time distinguishing this one, just think of J. Lo’s and Kim Kardashian’s buttock. They pretty much have this booty shape. Others also call this the bubble butt. Having this shape makes your butt look full and perky when viewed from the side.

Square or H-Shape

This is considered the least attractive of all butt shapes. It is characterized by a perpendicular line from your hip bones down to your outer thighs. Due to the lack of fat distribution around the love handle area of the butt, the whole rear looks like a letter H or a square shape.

Kinds of Butt Lifters

Did you know that you can get a different kind of butt lifter, depending on what you want and need? The variety makes it easier for everyone to find the one for the specific occasion, whether weddings or parties! These are the ones to look into so you can purchase the right one this 2024:

Butt Lifter Panty Style

These butt lifters use a tighter and/or more elastic fabric for more butt volume. It has more cheek coverage and are made with lightweight fabric, showing off your bottom without it flattening. Hey can also come in a high waist design to help slim your tummy for better results.

Butt Lifter Boxer Style 

These butt lifters are made with cutouts on the backside, constructed to collect all your butt muscles to lift it up with the supportive fabric. It has the design to leave the round part of your butt cheeks uncovered without fabric compressing to downsize the butt.

Butt Lifter Capri Style 

This is a booty lifter that doesn’t only help with your booty, but also shapes your thighs and legs! It can help you lose the love handles and any flabby parts of your tummy and waist using its firm waistband. The waistband helps prevent any tummy flab from rolling down, keeping everything in place, making it a good body shaper for important areas.

Butt Lifter Bodysuit Style 

This body shaper can slim down your tummy waist, legs, and hips while helping lift your bottoms.It comes with more adjustability for better support and flexibility, so no one can complain of a poor fit.

Butt Lifter Full Bodysuit Style 

This full body shaper can sculpt your entire figure from the hips down to your legs. It works amazingly for your waist and tummy while enhancing your booty subtly. These butt lifters are made from a type of compression material to control adiposities in specific areas, making it comfortable while your booty looks good. That way, it will seem like you have smoother skin and a defined body.

Butt Lifter Exposed Butt Cheeks

These butt lifters are also used as a body shaper while enhancing your body’s smoothness. These eliminate any bulges around your body with its awesome design women appreciate, keeping the tummy flat, the waist flab-free, and the hips away from muffin tops. And of course, it’s an effective booty lifter you can wear under clothes well. 

Butt Lifter Covered Butt Cheeks

This is a booty lifter that can minimize your waist for your tummy to have a toned look. It can also shape your hips for the hourglass figure while lifting your butt well. It also improves your back posture while keeping you comfortable, a huge benefit your body needs!

Benefits of Using Butt Lifters

What does a booty lifter do for your body that makes it so beneficial for men and women? Whether you’re getting control panties for the hourglass figure or a tummy control body shaper for your butt and waist, these are the amazing benefits any type of butt lifter can offer:

Seamless Shape and Comfortable Feel

The butt lifter also acts as a body shaper, sculpting your upper to lower body. It’s not only made for your butt, but it has the design to slim down your waist and control any bulges to keep things “in the right place.” Besides this, the right shapewear is made with quality material to keep your body feeling comfortable no matter what clothing you wear. This makes a huge difference, allowing you to have the lifted butt and slimmer 26 inch waistline for various occasions that take the entire day. 

Enhances Your Butt

The main reason why you invest in a butt lifter is for your butt, of course! You can either get a butt lifter in boy shorts or panty form and it will still give you the results you want. This is because a butt lifter offers compression and/or padding to make it look bigger, giving your body more curves underneath your clothing. You can wear anything you want no matter the season, from dresses to tight pants and shorts and skirts, as the butt lifter does its job.

Flattens Your Stomach

A butt lifter is versatile and comes with a lot of purposes not only for the butt, but for other parts of the body as well, namely your tummy. The seams and lifter can also act as a tummy control body shaper or waist trainer, offering compression around the waist to control your measurements. 

That way, you look better in any type of clothes you wear with a smaller waist, enhanced butt, and fewer marks or bumps on the skin, from the shapewear seams!

Can Wear Under Clothes Inconspicuously 

No need to stress yourself over doing thousands of squats for strength training or follow diets with so many shares but minimal results. The secret? Using a good butt lifter for the curves no matter the clothing you wear. Wear the shapewear under tights, shorts, skirts, dresses, jeans, and it will still give amazing results. 

In addition, it won’t even look like you’re wearing shapewear when wearing it to parties or whatever occasions lined up for you! You have that 100 percent look with your stomach appearing flat and you have that toned look women will be jealous of!

Cheaper Than Surgery

There are many different procedures you can undergo to lift your butt or to help enhance your body type and waist. Such procedures can be expensive and will take weeks of recovery, and though it has a good effect on your weight while lessening some fat, you’re spending thousands of dollars while your life may be on the line when going under the knife. There’s no need to go to great heights to look your 100 percent best this 2024.

A tummy control body shaper or waist trainer can do wonders without spending a ton of money or effort. You have the same effect, with your butt looking round, your waist smaller, looking less fat. People will think you lost weight and you didn’t have to do anything but put on your butt lifter or shapewear.

How to Choose the Best Butt Lifter

Now that you know what a shapewear and butt lifter can do to control your body type and shape, how can you choose the best one? Be sure to look into these factors when selecting a butt lifter:

Fabric and Construction

The first thing to consider is what the butt lifter is made of. They are typically made from a spandex-nylon combination, though you can also find panties and shapewear made of cotton or polyester. These are also comfortable, though I recommend the former for its stretchy finish and design to conform to your body type.

Body Parts to Slim Down

Do you just want a butt lifter or a shapewear to help control your waist and smoothen your skin? Some panties can work as a waist trainer, having a honeycomb design to promote better curves while using compression for your butt and hip. It gives the illusion of less fat and weight throughout your body.

However, if you only want something for your butt, then you can go for the typical butt lifter panties, which focus on your behind. They may have padding for a bigger butt, or compression to simply have it look lifted.

Ease of Wearing

You wouldn’t want to hassle yourself trying to wear a tight butt lifter or shapewear. That’s why you want to get something that fits your body while still offering the compression needed to slim your waist and lift your butt well. Refer to the brand’s sizing chart for a more accurate and snug feel for the waist, hip, back, and butt. Fortunately, you can find sizing for slim people ranging from 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5, or for bigger people, accommodating up to size 11, 17, 18, or even 20.

Besides this, consider what you will wear over the butt lifter or shapewear. If you plan to wear short dresses and cropped tops more, then you’ll need panties rather than a full bodysuit. However, if you see yourself wearing jeans or longer articles of clothing, then you can use a bodysuit to shape your upper and lower body. 

Price and Brands

Before you make the final purchase, you also have to look into the price range and reputation. Look for a butt lifter or shapewear that comes from popular brands and positive customer reviews, I like looking into previous testimonials from 2017 to 2019, getting ones with the most positive feedback because I know they perform as a body enhancer and are easy to wear. They should also offer stellar customer care!

Also, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars for a butt lifter just to get those curves! Most come at cheaper prices so be sure to have a reasonable budget that won’t break your bank. Don’t get the cheapest and scrimp, but avoid being conned to the priciest one, because while price range does matter, finding middle ground in your budget is ideal.

Best Butt Lifter FAQ

Is a butt enhancer safe after undergoing a Cesarean section?

There are many different butt enhancers and procedures one can undergo, with all of it being generally safe. But for those who have just gone through a cesarean section, I recommend to skip it until such time your body is ready for the surgical procedure. Research shows to wait for at least three to six months before going through a butt enhancer procedure or special diet for it.

As for using butt lifter panties, it’s a better choice to do so, as it has no downside or side effects to it after your C-section. It can also help hide the stomach or abdomen flap you most likely have after giving birth, maintaining a flatter waistline effect. Though it won’t hide everything or alter one’s weight, a woman can pair these butt lifters with a healthy and suitable diet to slowly shape their body back to how it was before pregnancy.

Which butt lifter should I get, one with or without padding?

You may have noticed that some butt lifters offer padding while some don’t. What you need will depend on your purpose in purchasing the butt lifter.

For those who have big butts and want to have their waist and tummy look slimmer, then you can choose the best butt lifter without pads. However, for those who want their butts to look bigger with more lift to it, then you can opt for ones with pads. There are different padding sizings, so be sure to select the right one that still has your booty look naturally big and will life well under your clothes.

Either way, both types of butt lifters offer excellent tummy control and can be worn over your clothes to have the midsection look smaller and less round.


In conclusion, while there are a lot of things to think about when choosing the best butt lifter undergarment or enhancer for your shape and size this 2024, it’s not impossible to find the ideal fit and lift. Just be sure to consider the shape of your butt, the size of your thighs, the measurement of your hip, and your preferences regarding color, material, and design.

Then go browse through the various lifting underwear and enhancer choices shown in this article as a solution, stop worrying about how to lift my buttocks, and just give your bum the perfect boost. It will take a bit of extra work to find the right match, but your efforts will pay off with underwear that lifts your bottom this 2024.

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