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The Best Butt Lifter Underwear Reviews for Women 2020

It cannot be denied that body shaming is rampant, especially on various social media platforms. This is one of the primary reasons why more and more people are now conscious of how they look. Images of beautiful women with seemingly perfect bodies make many feel like having a pretty face is no longer enough—that without an attractive physique, they come up in the appearance department.

To avoid body shaming, many women resort to various ways of improving their figures, especially their derrieres. Some undergo surgery, get butt injections, or step up their workout routines. The good news is those aren’t your only options.

Nowadays you can don underwear that gives you a bum as it helps lift your bottom. And as long as you find the best butt lifting underwear for you, you can definitely enhance the appearance of your backside naturally.

Best Butt Lifter Underwear Comparison Chart

What’s the Hype All About?

As the name entails, butt lifting underwear is basically an undergarment worn specifically for the purpose of lifting the buttocks without undergoing a surgical procedure. Many women are afraid of going under the knife to get perfectly round bottom shapes, not to mention that it requires a hefty amount of cash to do so. If you prefer not to have work done on your butt and have yet to find the best butt lift workout, bottom-lifting shapewear are an excellent alternative.

Wearing underwear that gives you a bum offers several advantages. Not only is it painless, but bum lift underwear also produces results instantaneously without the risk of privacy violation and at a fraction of the cost of surgical enhancement (you only need to save up for the the cost of order and, if you’re ordering online, shipping).

Most women regard bottom-lifting shapewear as a bra for the bum because it holds and lifts the buttock to create an ideal shape the same way a bra lifts women’s breasts to create a sexy cleavage. You may have heard of these referred to as a butt body shaper, buttock lifter, or boyshort shapewear. Underwear that gives you a bum is also sometimes called lifting panties or padded panties.

Although the premise of padded underwear is the same regardless of the term used for it, not all butt lifting underwear are created equal. Some brands are manufactured with high quality, while others are not that effective in delivering results and fall short of expectations. Also you can read the latest best waist trimmer belts guide.

Hence, in this article, we have curated a list of the best butt lifting underwear in the market today, all of which are available for online ordering and shipping.

Butt Lifter Underwear Reviews

Choosing the right butt lifting underwear can be quite daunting, especially if you have a lot of body shaper buttock lifter options to choose from. Chances are you’ll find yourself asking: Which one will lift my buttocks best? Which body types and bottom shapes does this design suit? Which offers the level of comfort and privacy I need? What ordering and shipping concerns do I need to watch out for? Because of all this, it is easy to get confused and get tricked into buying the wrong product.

But fret not, as we’ve done the hard work for you. We compiled a list of best butt lifter underwear for women and came up with reviews based on construction, material, design, and overall performance. All you need to do is make your pick.

SEXYWG – Women’s Butt and Body Shaper/Lifter Tummy Control Seamless Panty


Nylon / Spandex

Overall Rating

SEXYWG - Women's Butt and Body Shaper/Lifter Tummy Control Seamless Panty Review

This tummy-control seamless panty is a top favorite because of its curve challenge feature, which makes it a perfect fit for women with a curvy figure. Furthermore, the material used is very comfortable and light on the skin, so you can wear it at any day and in any season. It also has full rear coverage and a tummy tuck design to flatten your tummy without making any lines.

One thing that users particularly love about the product is the level of comfort it gives to the wearer. With just one touch, you can tell it has the smoothness and elasticity you need when it comes to underwear that lifts your bottom.

The SEXYWG butt lifter body shaper is made from high-quality nylon material and has rear circular cut-outs, giving your butt an instant boost. For women with fleshy thighs, though, it is very important that you choose the right size, as the thigh area might be a little too tight if you go with one size smaller than your regular size.

Best Features:

  • It has circular rear cut-outs that give your butt the instant boost it needs to look plum and perky.

  • The lightweight material used suits those who don’t like wearing thick undergarments.

  • The fabric and quality are applauded by most buyers.

  • It works great on women with big buttocks, as the material can hold its shape for a long time.

SAYFUT – Women’s Butt Shaper with Seamless Tummy Control & Hi-waist Thigh Slimmer


Nylon / Spandex

Overall Rating

SAYFUT - Women's Butt Shaper with Seamless Tummy Control & Hi-waist Thigh Slimmer Review

First on the list is this butt shaper from SAYFUT. This underwear is the real thing when it comes to getting fast results. It offer seamless tummy control and has a high waist thigh slimmer. Hence, it does not only lift your buttocks, it also gives your tummy a flat and sexy shape. The tummy control feature helps tuck your tummy fats, making for a sexy and slim look whenever you’re wearing a body-hugging dress.

Unlike padded underwear, this butt lifting underwear does not have pads to create the illusion of big buttocks. It only lifts the buttocks to enhance the natural shape of your backside. Thus, a lot of women are happy with the product so far, saying they don’t have to worry whether or not the pads are distorted.

Best Features:

  • It is made from high-quality nylon and spandex for a comfortable and seamless fit.

  • It comes in various sizes, from small to triple extra large, so there is a size for all types of bottom shapes.

  • It has full coverage, covering your whole rear while lifting it to enhance your buttocks’ natural shape.

  • Aside from shaping your behind, this tummy control and high waist thigh slimmer helps tighten your abdomen and upper thigh, giving you a slim and well-proportioned figure.

  • It is best for women who want to slim down their thighs and have a thigh gap.

  • It is the perfect underwear if you are fond of wearing leggings. It gives the best buttlifters before and after results.

La Reve – Butt Lifter Padded and Butt Shape Underwear

La Reve

Nylon / Spandex

Overall Rating

La Reve - Butt Lifter Padded and Butt Shape Underwear Review

If you are one those women who are not gifted with perfectly round buttocks, then there’s still hope for you. This padded booty lifter from La-Reve is a life-saver. It is made from 90% nylon and 10% spandex, allowing for a seamless design and utmost comfort. Moreover, this butt lifting underwear boasts a nice lace design, making you feel sexier while wearing it.

The pads used in this underwear are removable, and they firmly stay in place; thus, you don’t have to worry about it being misshapen. The design is recommended for women who have small buttocks but want to feel confident wearing lifting panties with any dress or pair of jeans.

Best Features:

  • It has a lightweight tummy control to flatten your tummy area, making you look slim.

  • The pads used are not too bulky, giving your buttocks a natural shape that no one would think you’ve got some pads underneath.

  • It fits your buttocks perfectly, giving you a nice rounded rear shape without appearing fake.

  • Some buyers have a problem with size, saying they got a really small size. Thus, before you purchase and proceed with shipping, make sure to check the size chart carefully.

Beautyin – Womens Butt & Body Shapers Panties


Nylon / Spandex

Overall Rating

Beautyin - Womens Butt & Body Shapers Panties Review

Some booty shapewear and bodysuits are meant for women with natural big butts, but how about those ladies with a petite figure and slim thighs? What if you are perfectly contented with your thigh shape and have only problems with your rear shape?

Well, this booty lifter from Beautyin is the perfect match for you. It is specifically designed for women who have naturally slim thighs and a substantial amount of flesh in the derriere region.

This bum lift underwear also has a nice flesh color, making it the perfect undergarment that can be worn with any color of clothing. In addition, users of the product love the shape of their buttock once they’re wearing it.

Best Features:

  • It gives your small butt a perkier look so you can get a cute shape even if you don’t have a big butt.

  • If you are size 5 and 6 (underwear sizes), then the medium size of this butt lifter body shaper is good for you.

  • You can completely wear this underwear even under your tightest leggings.

  • You will not see any underwear lines, so people won’t be able to tell that you have padded panties on.

  • This is the best butt lifting underwear if you want your small derriere to look perky and plum.

  • Some women cut the thong-like material in between, but other than that, the product still works great and delivers the expected result.

LANFEI – Women’s Buttocks Lifter and Enhancer Shaper Panties


Nylon / Spandex

Overall Rating

LANFEI – Women’s Buttocks Lifter and Enhancer Shaper Panties Review

Some women like to wear underwear with more elasticity because of their curvier shape. If you feel the same way, then LANFEI’s butt enhancer panty is perfect for you. Unlike the other butt lifting underwear on this list, LANFEI makes panties in a combination of 85% nylon and 15% spandex, for extra elasticity and comfort. Aside from giving your butt a nice shape, this product adds dimension to your hips, creating the illusion of a wider hip, which in turn emphasizes your narrow waist.

However, it isn’t recommended for women with a lot of flesh on their upper thigh because the edge might roll up and make you feel uncomfortable. In such cases, you can opt for a bigger size to accommodate your thigh shape, but then again this might affect the fit and overall elasticity of the product.

The manufacturer of this bum lift underwear recommends that you get one size bigger than your usual size. If you are thicker on the side and have meaty thighs, then consider going two sizes up.

Best features:

  • The material used is very durable, making it the perfect butt lifter underwear for curvy women.

  • It is a great butt shapewear for ladies with fleshier upper thighs, as this offers more elasticity than similar undergarments.

  • It works well with both butt lifting and belly fat tucking.

  • It does not ride up as you move all day. It only lifts your rear area.

Different Booty Types

Knowing and understanding your booty type will enable you choose the best booty shapewear to buy. To help you find the right fit, below is a list of the four different types of booty that you can use as reference before you make a purchase.

The V-Shape

This butt shape is very common among women with very broad shoulders and narrow hips according to Dr. Shulman. Older women whose fat storage goes from the butt to the midsection as a result of low levels of estrogen also often have this butt shape. If you have a V-Shape butt, it’s best to avoid wearing bikinis with a high-cut leg hole.  

The Pear Shape or A-Shape

The pear shape butt is considered to be the most feminine among all the bottom shapes of women. In fact, in some countries, this shape is the epitome of a sexy derriere.

The primary cause of this shape is the high level of estrogen in the butt area. Women with this butt shape have a narrow waist and wider hips. More often than not, A-shape women tend to have fuller thighs, so bikinis and swimwear with laser-cut edges are the most flattering for this booty type.

Round or O-Shape

This butt shape is also self-explanatory. In case you have a hard time distinguishing this one, just think of J. Lo’s and Kim Kardashian’s buttock. They pretty much have this butt shape. Others also call this the bubble butt. Having this shape makes your butt look full and perky when viewed from the side.

Square or H-Shape

This is considered the least attractive of all butt shapes. It is characterized by a perpendicular line from your hip bones down to your outer thighs. Due to the lack of fat distribution around the love handle area of the butt, the whole rear looks like a letter H or a square shape.

Best Butt Lifter Shorts for 2020

Booty lifter shorts are garments that are especially designed shorts intended to raise your buttocks and give it a sexy form. This type of underwear gives you a bum that is ideal for different types of people of various ages.

Best Butt Lifter Shorts Comparison Chart

How Do Booty Lifter Shorts Work?

Booty lifter shorts are particularly useful for people who have lost some muscle tone in their buttocks due to a variety of reasons, including becoming a new mom, weight loss, and old age. Buttlift panties are helpful in giving your bum definition and allowing the skin and muscles of your booty to hold their strength.

Indeed, you can achieve all these and shape your butt instantly without having to undergo surgery or getting injections that could put your health in jeopardy. Compared to alternatives, butt lifters are very affordable. They also offer results that are immediately visible, so you can be ready to flaunt your body as soon as you put on padded underwear.  

Best Butt Lifter Reviews 2020

Jenbou Women’s Butt Lifter Shapewear Enhancer Padded Control Panties Boyshort Seamless Briefs Fake Buttock Hip Lace Underwear


Nylon / Spandex

Overall Rating

Jenbou Women’s Butt Lifter Shapewear Enhancer Padded Control Panties Boyshort Seamless Briefs Fake Buttock Hip Lace Underwear Review

The Jenbou Women’s Butt Lifter’s design is perfect for enhancing the buttocks. It is created to naturally lift up the bum with its padded butt feature. Unlike other padded underwear, Jenbou minimizes the appearance of bulges and bumps to give your body a slim and sleek look that creates dimension on your hips. As a result, you can be confident in whatever fashion outfit you wear.  

Made of polyester and spandex, Jenbou ensures comfort and breathability, so you can wear the butt lifter all day long, free from having to worry about sweat and bacteria. The padded underwear features a lace design, which will not leave a mark on the body or on the dress no matter how form-fitting the clothing is, like bodysuits.

Moreover, it is highly elastic so you won’t have problems with the body shaper buttock lifter rolling down, a common problem you’ll come across when trying out padded girdles to enhance the buttock.

Best features

  • The padded butt feature naturally lifts up the bum.  

  • It minimizes the appearance of bulges and bumps.  

  • It gives the body, particularly the tummy, hip, and thigh areas, a slim and sleek look.

  • It is made of material that ensures comfort and breathability for all-day wear.  

  • It features a lace design, which won’t leave a mark on the skin.  

  • It is highly elastic so it doesn’t roll up/down.  

  • The shapewear is washable, reusable, as well as easy to maintain.

  • It is available in black and nude so it will go well with most items in your wardrobe.  

Laty Rose Women Butt Lifter Enhancer Shorts Short Levanta Cola Colombiano

Laty Rose


Overall Rating

Laty Rose Women Butt Lifter Enhancer Shorts, Short Levanta Cola Colombiano Review

Made of 85% nylon and 15% spandex, Laty Rose Shapewear shorts can give you the perfectly lifted butt you’ve always dreamed of without undergoing surgery. These body shaper shorts help fight the effects of gravity, making it a staple in the closet of anyone who always want to look their best.

With materials that allow your skin to breathe, these shaper shorts have a high waist design that not only gives you control over your tummy, it also provides ample support on your backside to make it look fuller. Laty Rose is crafted with a seam-free construction, so you can wear the shorts underneath your fashion clothes with utmost privacy. It is available in regular and plus size dimensions that suits all types of women and bottom shapes.

Best features

  • Laty Rose’s is made of 85% nylon and 15 % spandex, so it allows the skin to breathe.  

  • The high waist design gives great tummy control while providing ample backside support for a fuller and better shaped bum.

  • The seamless construction makes these shapewear shorts practically invisible underneath your clothes.

  • This shorts lifts design is available in regular and plus sizes to suit any customer.

YIANNA Women’s High Waist Tight Shorts Perfect Tummy Control Waist Panties


Cotton / Spandex

Overall Rating

YIANNA Women’s High Waist Tight Shorts Perfect Tummy Control Waist Panties Review

Yianna high waist shorts are a tummy-slimming and butt-boosting garment that features a double-layer design, which allows abdominal control without being too constricting. At the same time, its special seaming shapes and lifts your buttocks to give you a perfectly sculpted behind.  

Made of nylon and elastane, Yianna fashion shorts are comfortable to wear and provide a smooth look under clothes so it won’t seem as if you are wearing anything. It is available in black and nude, which makes the shapewear buttock enhancer ideal for any type or color of clothing.

Best features

  • The high-waist construction slims the tummy and lifts the butt.  

  • Its double-layer design allows abdominal control that doesn’t leave you feeling uncomfortable.  

  • It is smooth and barely noticeable under the clothes.  

  • The butt lifter is available in black and nude so you can maintain your privacy whether you wear dark or light-colored clothing.  

Hourglass Figure Butt Lifter Shaper Panties Tummy Control High Waisted Boyshort


Bamboo Fiber / Spandex

Overall Rating

Hourglass Figure Butt Lifter Shaper Panties Tummy Control High Waisted Boyshort Review

The Hourglass figure butt lifter shaper panties are made of 95% bamboo fiber and 5% spandex. It has a soft and silky lace pattern that ensures ultimate comfort without leaving marks on the skin. These lifting panties feature a circle opening on the back that is designed to lift your bum in a natural-looking way. The back opening combined with the lightweight material makes this great to use even during hot summer months.  

Buying high-waisted Hourglass boyshort shapewear is like getting three products in one: a butt lifter, a waist trainer, and a thigh slimmer. Wearing this garment instantly gives you a sleek hourglass shape by tucking in your tummy and hugging your waist and hips in the most flattering way.

With the slide-free edges, the butt lifter stays in place no matter how active your day is. The shaper comes in sizes that fit 0–8 U.S. and is ideal for those looking for underwear that lifts your bottom and at the same time allows for a perfect hourglass figure. 

Best features

  • The butt lifter’s soft and silky lace pattern offers comfort and support without leaving marks on the skin.

  • It features a circle opening on the butt to make your bum look lifted naturally.  

  • Its lightweight materials make it perfect to wear even on hot days.  

  • You get three products in one: a butt lifter, a waist trainer, and a thigh slimmer.  

  • This high-waisted butt lifter stays in place thanks to its no-slide edges, so you can wear them even under bodysuits.

  • It comes in sizes that fit 0–8 U.S. and is ideal users looking to create a beautiful hourglass figure instantly and effortlessly. 

Fajas Salome Thigh Slim Enhancer Shapewear Butt Lift Shorts Levanta Cola



Overall Rating

Fajas Salome Thigh Slim Enhancer Shapewear Butt Lift Shorts Levanta Cola Review

Available in beige and black, the Fajas Salome Thigh Slim Enhancer features PowerNet fabric along with a hypoallergenic cotton inner lining.

These elements work together to make this shapewear buttock enhancer easy to use as well as comfortable. The silicone bands of the breathable and silky-smooth shorts and body shaper offer tummy control and keep the shorts from rolling up or down underneath the clothes. 

With Salome, you get full upper coverage without the discomfort or chafing that often happens when your thighs rub against each other while wearing new padded girdles to enhance the buttocks. In addition, these buttlift panties allow you to have smooth, perfectly contoured, and beautifully shaped belly, hips, and thighs, thanks to real compression and firm control. 

A bottom-lifting shapewear that complements any type of clothing from jeans to an evening gown, Salome is available in a variety of sizes from S to XXL. 

Best features 

  • The shapewear buttock enhancer is made of PowerNet fabric and hypoallergenic cotton inner lining for ease-of-use and comfort.
  • It has silicone bands that provide tummy control and keep the shorts from rolling up/down.  
  • It offers full coverage without the discomfort.  
  • Because of real compression and firm control, you can have contoured, beautifully shaped, and smooth-looking tummy, hips, and thighs.  
  • It can be worn underneath any type of clothing, including jeans and fashionable evening gowns.  
  • It comes in sizes S to XXL to fit a wide range of customers.

The Best Spanx for Bum Lift

While searching for underwear that lifts your bottom, the following design from SPANX is worth considering.

SPANX Women’s Power Boy Shorts


Nylon / Spandex

Overall Rating

SPANX Women’s Power Boy Shorts Review

The SPANX Women’s Power Boy Shorts are the perfect boyshort bum lifter that you can wear under mid-rise pants or jeans. Made of 90% nylon and 10% spandex/elastane, these soft and seamless bum shorts contour your tummy, waist, and hips comfortably.

They are also invisible under any type of clothing since minimal stitching is used. With its hidden shaping waistband and high level of quantity, you’ll have enough tummy control and booty lift every day.

Best features

  • The boy shorts can be comfortably worn underneath mid-rise pants or jeans.

  • It contours the belly, waist, and hips seamlessly and comfortably.  

  • Because of minimal stitching, it is virtually invisible when worn under the clothes.

  • Its hidden waistband allows everyday tummy control and booty lift.   

This is the best spanx for bum lift for those who lead very active lifestyles.

Bum Lifter Pants Before and After

There are plenty of reasons why you need butt lifter pants for the best before and after effect, whether in person or in photos. Maybe you weren’t born with a naturally big booty. Or, perhaps because of a small frame, you haven’t filled out in the areas where you want a bit of cushion. However, there are also other reasons why you may want to get a bum lifter shapewear.

For instance, you may have just given birth or experienced drastic weight loss. In these situations, it’s common for you to suffer from some confidence issues with your body because the skin around the buttocks may have lost its elasticity, which could cause sagging.  

If you are going through any of the issues mentioned above, you are probably frustrated at not having the figure you truly want. Fortunately, there are bum lifters that can help restore your confidence and allow you to wear any kind of clothing, even those that emphasize and accentuate the butt.

The only downside is having too many choices. It won’t be surprising if you feel overwhelmed just by looking at the selection of butt lifters available on the market today. Don’t worry, though. With some research, you’ll be able to find the best shorts lifts to make you feel like a beauty queen. Soon after you start looking around for high-quality options, you can place your order and get the shipping process started.

Benefits of Butt Lifter Shorts

Once you put on a pair of butt lifter shorts, the benefits are immediately evident. However, here’s a list of why padded panties can elevate your figure to new heights. 

Instantly improve your butt shape 

Want a perkier bum but scared to go under the knife? Don’t have the patience to try the best butt lift workout recommendations? Wearing a body shaper buttock lifter or short is not only painless, it also provide instant results. With surgical augmentation, you’ll have to wait months to experience the difference, and it’s not always guaranteed that you’ll like what you see.   

Get a great-looking bum without breaking the bank

Unlike surgical procedures, which can cost thousands of dollars, padded panties are incredibly cheap. They are so affordable that you can get more than one to suit whatever occasion and outfit.

Give your bum a natural-looking lift

If you choose the right shapewear buttock enhancer to lift your bottom, you’ll have a bum that looks natural and perfectly shaped in the short term even if you are not able to maintain a regular workout schedule.

Easily incorporate padded panties into your wardrobe

A body shapewear butt lifter is so versatile that you can wear it under any type of clothing: shorts, pants, skirts, dresses, even bodysuits! The fact that padded underwear comes in black and nude colors makes it so much easier for you to look your best no matter what clothing you put on. 

Easily order online

If you want to keep wearing bum lifter shorts a secret and make people believe your perfect booty is solely from regular workout sessions, you can easily order lifters online. Depending on your location, shipping could take a day or two, then you can start using the garment shortly after you purchase it.


While there are a lot of things to think about when choosing the best butt lifter underwear or short for your shape and size, it’s not impossible to find the ideal fit and lift. Just be sure to consider the shape of your butt, the size of your thighs, the measurement of your hip, and your preferences regarding color, material, and design.

Then feel free to browse through the various lifting underwear shown in this article, stop worrying about how to lift my buttocks, and just give your bum the perfect boost. It will take a bit of extra work to find the right match, but your efforts will pay off with underwear that lifts your bottom.