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Black Cashmere Underbust Corset Review

More and more women these days resort to wearing corsets as this has been proven to be beneficial not only in obtaining the ideal woman figure but these also significantly aid in preventing injury, can change body morphology, stabilize the body and even heal previous injuries. Assuredly, you can’t simply say no to a number of physical and medical benefits it could bring.


  • When this underbust corset is worn, you can expect maximum compression by two up to three inches.
  • It is a great item that can be used as lingerie, a shaper, a special costume or occasion piece.
  • This corset can be easily worn with a dress or a formal gown.
  • It comes with classic style so it rests below and lifts the bust quite well. It aids sculpt a more seductive and sexier silhouette through ultimate compression.
  • You can flaunt tis corset over something tight or it can be worn as a piece below virtually any daily dress or clothing as you wish.
  • It is made of premium quality garment and materials.


  • At first, it is going to be something that’s uncomfortable to wear especially for first-timers. However, the good thing about it is that it is easy to adjust and can give the user a perfect fit.
  • Since this black cashmere underbust corset is made from fine quality garment and materials that are sure to last for years, women may find it a bit overpriced for a price of $129.99.


This corset comes with a total of 3 layers of durable and fine fabric. It is designed with an outer black polyester layer and another 2 interior layers of sturdy cotton material. In the same way, this garment offers ultimate sculpting power with a total of 26 spiral steel stays, 6 flat steel bars and single steel busk closure.

In order for you to draw in the waistline, it is fundamental to pull the lace tight as this will absolutely back up the spine quite well. The thing that makes this corset a great thing to wear is that it provides a modern and standard tight-lacing corseted appearance at the same time.

This undergarment is designed with lace up back as well as an underbust style. While it is true that its price is slightly upscale, still, it is a smart buy as it is guaranteed to last for more years. Its fabric and materials are solid enough to support and shape the body in the most desired way.

What is more, this corset comes with a limited lifetime guarantee offer which means that the item is ensured to be free of defects in terms of workmanship and materials used. Needless to say, you cannot avoid experiencing wear and tear especially if the corset is used frequently over time but the good news is that this undergarment is made to function free of defects for more years in the future.

As a whole, what made me choose this black cashmere underbust corset is the fact that whenever I wear it, it provides me more confidence and support which I couldn’t find and feel in other brands. I like it best because it provides me with more enhanced and confident posture and I look slimmer with fuller looking bosoms.