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Bum Lifter Pants Before and After 2020 – The Best Pants You Need to Buy Now!

Bum Lifter Pants Before and After

Many of us want a lifted butt, whether we’re on the way to the beach or having a fun day out with the girls! However, not all of us are blessed with the natural big booty we’ve always wanted.

But not to worry, because while we work on our butt, we can also use the best butt lifter pants for the quick fix! But the question is: What kind of butt lifter pants should you use and which are the best to invest in?

Read on to learn all about lifter pants and check out the best bum lifter pants before and after photos!

What Are Butt Lifter Pants? 

Before we get into the top butt lifter pants, what are these garments in the first place?

As the name suggests, butt lifter pants are a type of pants that are specially designed to give your booty a slight lift and shape your body to have your bottoms look bigger and curvier.

They are usually made of slimming and body-hugging materials to instantly enhance your curves. They ensure a perfect fit, to truly accentuate your natural body shape, with some pants including pads to not only lift but to make your bum look even bigger.

These pants are now available in different styles and sizes suitable for ALL women and purposes! Whether you need a small or large, you can find one at the perfect size and still reap the same results.

Types of Butt Lifter Pants 

There is more than just ONE type of butt lifter pants! Knowing the different kinds of butt lifter pants available can help you figure out what you should get:

Regular Jeans 

If you just want to go out for a casual day running errands, a day at work, or enjoy a night out with friends, nothing looks sexier than skinny jeans that give your butt a bit of a perk without having to do the work.

These regular butt lifters and shapewear are usually made with a mix of denim and spandex to hug your body in the right areas. Some of them have paddings, while others don’t and focus more on lifting your butt with its slightly hugging, yet comfortable shaping properties. You don’t need to get butt paddings to get the best look, which I’ll talk about in the next sections.

Bum Lifter Regular Jeans

Workout Leggings

Have you seen those sexy women take bootylicious photos in the gym after their workouts? One of the secrets to their lifted butts isn’t just from squats but the right butt-lifting workout leggings!

These leggings are made for the gym, usually made with spandex and other sweat-wicking material to cover cellulite and other flaws while lifting your butt to make it look flattering. They are stretchier and soft, making it comfortable to workout with. You can see a lot of women get these types of shapewear to work on their glutes better while they look amazing.

Bum Lifter Workout Leggings

Colombian Style

Colombian pants are known as push-up jeans because of the shape and fit it gives women who wear them. They are known as Colombian pants as they were only used by Brazilians and Colombians before it became popular in the United States. 

Colombian pants are made with different styles and textiles but are best known for their shape, which helps you build and mold a better waist and smaller tummy. This helps make you look curvier, which in turn, lifts your butt. These are suitable for women at work or casual days. These give the best results because of how they give the hourglass figure effortlessly.

Bum Lifter Colombian Style

Yoga Leggings 

Yoga leggings are popular because of how they give your butt the perfect lift without it looking like you use a body shaper. Now, we have butt lifter yoga leggings that are similar to workout leggings, giving your butt the sexy push-up while encouraging a natural-looking back and posture around the tummy.

They are made of a smooth and soft fabric so you can wear it as a casual outfit or head to the studio for a relaxing yoga session to work your glutes.

Bum Lifter Yoga Leggings

Benefits of Using Butt Lifter Pants

You’re probably wondering: Why do women bother getting butt lifter pants and how does it give the results we want? Here are some of the amazing benefits it can give all women and your butt:

Instant Perky Butt Without Sagging

There are so many styles that perk any type of butts instantly!

Sure, women can do squats, change up your diet, and even do surgery for the butt-lifting effect and smaller tummy. But if you want to lift your butt right NOW, then the right pants can give you the instant results. What’s great is that there won’t be sagging and most materials are made with materials that hide cellulite and give a perky butt without it looking bumpy or uneven.

Butt Lifters Looks Natural

These butt lifters come in various sizes to fit your body perfectly, shaping your curves, tummy, and butt without it looking odd. They appear natural and as if you aren’t wearing any padding or a body shaper made to lift your butt.

The lifting of your butt will also make it look bigger while hugging your waist and tummy, giving you the optimum hourglass figure. You’ll look yummier wearing these pants!

Comfortable to Wear Anywhere

Most people presume that wearing any garment meant to hug your curves or enhance your body means that it will be uncomfortable.

With the right pair of bum lifter pants, you won’t feel any tightness or soreness. It enhances the butt, flattens the tummy, but it will come at the right size and hug your body without suffocating your stomach. It doesn’t show your panties or have your underwear ride up, so you can move around with ease, even if you’re just walking or working out!

Many butt lifters have full size options you can choose from, whether small or large. This lessens the time to search for the best butt lifter that can work well for you.

More Confidence in Yourself 

Not only will your shapewear product lift your butt, but it will boost your confidence as well, which adds to its positive results!

Now, you won’t be conscious about having a flat booty or seem less-than-confident about your body. You can walk with a bounce, knowing you’ve got a perky butt, accentuated waist, and look like a star without it looking obvious you’re wearing butt-lifting pants!

Top 8 Bum Lifter Pants

What type of bum lifter product names should you invest in, among the hundreds of brands and styles to choose from? Here is the top eight bum lifter pants review list to help with your search:

SEASUM High Waist Yoga Pants

✔ There are many colors and styles to choose from
✔ It’s lightweight and stretchy, really suitable for yoga
✔ Non-cellulite material that lifts butts and smoothens skin
✔ Flatters the butt and huge the waist snugly for curves

✘ Some issues with sizing, may come in large sizes
✘ Complaints about the thin material, it may show underwear

SEASUM High Waist Yoga Pants Review

One of my top choices is the SEASUM High Waist Yoga Butt Lifter. These are beautifully-designed yoga pants with such fantastic texture and feel! The textured fabric and patterns make sure it covers all flaws and focus more on the beauty of the booty.

The company promises a Brazilian Booty Enhance-style, which lives up to its promises. This butt lifter truly lifts my booty and make it look even bigger without the need for any large paddings.

Since they are made with a mix of polyester and spandex, the butt lifter us stretchy and helps hug my body in the right places. Plus, the non-cellulite material ensures that any cellulite won’t be seen, with legs looking smooth and feeling comfortable.

If your main focus is something that truly fits your booty up and has your legs look extra smooth, you’re going to love these textured yoga pants. You can stop the search, as these lifters come with the full features you need to work your muscles.

ZITAIMEI Butt Lifting Workout Leggings

✔ It feels lightweight and comfortable while you workout
✔ Slims and conforms to your lower body to lift the butt well
✔ High quality fabric that wicks moisture and lasts long
✔ Has a secure fit and fits snugly to help you with workouts well

✘ They run a bit small for more muscular women
✘ It’s slightly see-through when you stretch too much, showing your panties

ZITAIMEI Butt Lifting Workout Leggings Review

I would like to commend the ZITAIMEI Workout Leggings for doing an amazing job in lifting the booty while maintaining the optimum curve. This is a high waist butt lifter that wrap around my skin and waist without any sagging or rolling.

Besides this, the butt lifter truly controls my tummy sagging, securing its fit and removing any flab from rolling out while accentuating the booty. It has the streamlined look to have your legs look smooth and without any wrinkling or cellulite.

Another excellent feature is how excellent it performs for workout leggings. It’s tailored to help with muscle recovery after exercising because of its snug but comfortable fit, preventing any injuries and knee cramps no matter how hard I work my muscles. It also has the 4-way stretch and non-see-through fabric to slim and smoothens the legs as you perform various movements.

For the fitness warrior who wants to conquer workouts comfortably while looking amazing, stop the search, as these leggings are perfect for you with the full set of features to put up with your work in the gym.

FITTOO High Waist Yoga Pants

✔ Flattering material and stretchiness to perk your butt well
✔ Full selection of colors and designs to choose from for workouts
✔ This one uses premium material that lasts long for light weights 

✘ See-through product may be prone to ripping and showing panties from intense moves
✘ There are some issues about receiving pants with holes and too large of a size

FITTOO High Waist Yoga Pants Review

The FITTOO Yoga Pants are high waist leggings that are known for its full tummy control and nice texture that helps your legs look smooth and your booty look lifted. These have your booty look even more athletic and can be used to work your body. So many women will love this one, as it fits snugly and won’t have their panties ride all the way up. It comes in small to large sizes so you won’t have to worry about finding something meant for your body.

These yoga pants are made of full polyamide and spandex, ensuring a stretchy yet soft feel that won’t break easily. It won’t pile nor would its colors fade as you wash it, making it long-lasting for many lighter workouts. Furthermore, its stretchiness helps both the body and your exercises, as it’s squat-proof and has no limitation with what kind of exercises you can do.

The compression high waist also accentuates your waist, giving it a nice and full curve as it encourages better back posture to give your booty the perk it needs. While it’s a bit thin and see-through, it still does a great job of exercising and improving your body shape.

Hioinieiy Scrunch Ruched Butt-Lifting Leggings

✔ Functional pants with pockets and many colors to choose from
✔ The pants are made with elastic bands for butt-lifting design 
✔ It feels like a second skin without riding up or down your legs
✔ Great for intense workouts because it’s moisture-wicking

✘ It does not have as much tummy control to hide extra flab
✘ The material feels a bit cheaper for a few gym goers

Hioinieiy Scrunch Ruched Butt-Lifting Leggings Review

The Hioinieiy Yoga Pants are the absolute workout warrior’s dream workout leggings. Not only does it have the booty-accentuating material, strong construction, and many colors to choose from. It has POCKETS!

The slightly large pockets are such a useful feature we don’t find in most yoga leggings, which is what makes it worth the price as well. Made with polyester and spandex, it has the right balance of soft feel while stretching out to widen your range of movements. Furthermore, the material is anti-tearing, feels breathable, with quick-dry and moisture-wicking properties for extra comfort during sweaty workout sessions.

The snug and high waist fit make your body have the hourglass figure without feeling too tight while exercise. If you appreciate yoga leggings with pockets for both workouts and casual days out, you’ll love these pants.

Hybrid and Company But Lift Denim Yoga Jeans

✔ Many colors to choose from, it doesn’t fade after washing
✔ It stretches well and hugs the body nicely to lift your booty
✔ Optimal for casual days out and feels like a second skin

✘ Sizing may be somewhat inaccurate with different colors
✘ Feels tight during the first few days of wearing and washes

Hybrid and Company But Lift Denim Yoga Jeans Review

The Hybrid and Co. Denim Pants are advertised as yoga pants, though I prefer to use them as casual jeans for its design and feel. They are made of denim and spandex, giving the pants more stretch while still staying comfortable without see-through disadvantages. 

These pants can lift your booty excellently while smoothening your rear and legs to have it seem natural without any sags and rolls. There are no pads needed as it lifts your buttocks and promotes slimmer legs. It also enhances your curves, making your waist appear slimmer and remove the appearance of a muffin top.

As for comfort, they are as comfy as yoga pants, so you can move around like it’s a second skin, not feeling awkward as you bounce with confidence. 

I highly recommend these pants for casual use, make sure that you go by the sizing chart to avoid any sizing issues.

MEISITE Butt Lifting High Waist Skinny Jeans

✔ Multiple styles to choose from to match your fashion sense well
✔ Shapes your rules excellently while slimming down the legs
✔ Colombian design to for a Brazilian butt-lifting appearance
✔ Doesn’t ride all the way up or show your panties

✘ The jeans only has faux pockets, no real pockets designed
✘ Pant legs are long, may not accommodate shorter people

MEISITE Butt-Lifting High Waist Skinny Jeans Review

The MEISITE Butt-Lifting Skinny Jeans have the high waist and Brazilian style that’s designed to give your booty the nice raise and curve to give you more confidence. It allows more stretch, made with cotton, polyester, and spandex, adding comfort. It’s also much easier to put on compared to regular jeans even if it isn’t a large size!

Since these are high waist skinny jeans, it fits the body well as it slims the legs and lifts your hips, highlighting a curvy body shape. Furthermore, it combines a Colombian design for a Brazilian butt lifting appearance.

There are various styles and colors to choose from, with the ripped jeans best for parties and days out, whether you’re dating, at work, in school, or having fun with friends! This one doesn’t only give one of the best butt lifter results, it feels extra comfortable without risking your panties riding all the way up.

LT. ROSE Butt-Lifting Colombian Pants

✔ Cute and stylish design that you can use in most settings
✔ High quality denim and stretchy material to embrace curves well
✔ Durable and made to last with daily use, it’s easy to wash
✔ Skinny design to slim down legs while making butt rounder

✘ It takes a few washes and wearing to loosen it up correctly
✘ The bottoms of the pant legs are a bit wider, not skinny

LT. ROSE Butt-Lifting Colombian Pants Review

The LT. ROSE Pants boast the Colombian design to give your butt the boost you want. These pants are figure-flattering and versatile, you can use it in just about any setting, whether for work, in the groceries, parties, or visiting family and friends. Dress up or down and match it with various pieces, you can look amazing and flaunt that booty!

They have the snug and body-hugging design that embraces your curves just right. What makes it different from the typical Colombian jeans is that these are made with softer and stretchier material compared to regular denim. This helps hug your lower body more and has you move around better while you don the hourglass figure.

You can never go out of style with these pair of pants. There are different colors you can choose from so it suits your taste and can be worn every day!

Fashion2Love Colombian Design Levanta High Waist Cola Skinny Jeans

✔ It feels comfortable and can be worn all day or night
✔ Beautiful Colombian design to match with any style well
✔ Skinny jeans that conform to your lower body for lifted butt

✘ The butt lifters may run too long for shorter people
✘ They don’t have any front/back pockets designed with it

Fashion2Love Colombian Design Levanta High Waist Cola Skinny Jeans Review

Last but not least, the Fashion2Love Skinny Jeans have a stylish Colombian design that truly hugs the waist and lifts your bum well. It gives you the vivacious hourglass figure and perky booty to have you walk around in confidence.

They are made with a mix of cotton, polyester, and spandex, ensuring a bit of stretchiness but a soft and comfy feel. You won’t have trouble walking around, as it’s breathable and doesn’t ride all the way up or sag down. Plus, the material feels soft and you can move around with it comfortably all day and night.

These full-length skinny jeans conform to the shape of your legs and hug your waist and booty just right. That way, your booty looks rounder and like you workout.

If you’re looking for a beautiful pair of shapewear to show off in parties, work, or casual days outside, then these butt lifters are for you!

How to Choose the Best Bum Lifter Pants

When selecting the best bum lifter pants, there is more to consider than just getting the first product you see online or in the store. Here are crucial factors to consider when you search for the right pair of bum lifter pants to ensure you get your money’s worth: 

Padded Butt Lifters or None?

You might presume that you NEED padding when wearing bum lifter pants (or any other shapewear). However, that’s not the case!

Not all women appreciate padding and just want their butt lifted, especially when they are confident with their butt size already. Plus, it may be uncomfortable and are sometimes made of cheap materials that move around, making it feel unnatural, especially when wearing underwear already.

But if you would like to perk your butt while making it look bigger, I recommend getting padded butt lifters that have more customization options. It should also be made of better material and with the option of the pads being detachable for easier cleaning and versatility. You can also choose a small or large padded product, depending on the butt size you’d like to achieve. 

Elasticity and Material

Does your butt look like it pokes from the sides when wearing your pants? Then it’s the butt lifter’s elasticity at fault, as it isn’t firm enough to hold both of your butt cheeks in place.

Elasticity is crucial, as this would hug your body to bring out your curves while keeping your butt stay in shape and aligned. The product should NOT have one of your butt cheeks look higher or lower than the other one! Or worse, the elasticity is too thin, showing your underwear and has you appear a size larger as it stretches too much.

Make sure that the elastic is the right size and hugs your body well, and is made with premium quality material. That way, your buttocks are shaped nicely and the pants will last longer.

Size and Overall Comfort 

Think about the purpose of it as well, as you would like your pants to be comfortable during the times you’ll be using it. For instance, you should wear workout or yoga leggings when exercising, as opposed to denim and Colombian jeans. 

Your pants need to be comfortable so you can move around better and focus more on your confidence as you walk or exercise.

That’s where size comes along, which plays a crucial factor in your comfort. You need to make sure that the size you choose fits you perfectly.

Fortunately, brands have size charts to show what size you need according to your height and waistline. Refer to that before selecting the right pair of pants and when you try them on, it should allow you to move around without feeling restricted or too tight. Make sure you measure your size, with product names having the full small to large sizes to accommodate anyone.

Of course, it should lift your butt perfectly without it looking awkward or unnatural. Expect it to be a bit tight as it hugs your butt and curves, but not to the point you can’t breathe! It should also be comfortable as you wear underwear, it shouldn’t show as you work or exercise.

Your Style and Purpose

I mentioned the different types of butt lifters, coming in various styles. This also influences your choice of what butt lifters are right for you.

Select a butt lifter you’re sure you wear often, depending on your sense of fashion.

If you’re more of the sporty type, then you are better off with workout or yoga leggings. For those who like a casual style great for everyday use or parties, then “regular” and Colombian leggings are suitable.

If you want to have better tummy control, I recommend you get high waist products, as you would with other shapewear. With the better waist hugging material, it hides your tummy, having you look like you’re a size smaller.

The Brand and Price

And lastly, you should always consider the brand and your budget of your butt lifter.

When purchasing ANY type of clothing or shapewear, you should consider the brand you’re getting it from. The name would say a lot about how the butt lifters are like and how long you can use it well.

Search for legitimate and genuine customer reviews of the product, making sure the brand has a large and trusted name so you know what to expect from your butt lifter. The more positive reviews you can find of the shapewear or butt lifters, the better!

Furthermore, look into the budget you can work with. You should never purchase extremely cheap butt lifters, but there’s no need to spend over $100 for a pair of bum lifter pants! You can get great pairs of butt lifters between $20 to $50, so you can work with a budget from there.

Bum Lifter Pants Before and After Photos

Now that you’re familiar with the buttock lifter, the different types of butts, and the wonders of butt lifter pants, what should you expect from them? Check out these amazing bum lifter pants before and after photos to search for the right pair of pants can do for your booty!

Frequently Asked Questions

What else is there to know about butt lifters? Here are some of our readers’ frequently asked questions:

What else can I do to lift my butt?

Besides wearing butt lifters, there are ways to perk up your butt permanently, such as:

• Perform strength exercises such as squats, lunges, and other workouts that focus on your glutes and lower body.
• Change up your diet and go for healthier choices such as fruits and vegetables. Get more proteins from lean meats and healthy fats, which can help you gain weight around your butt area.
 • If you would like faster results without the work, you may want to consider plastic surgery or Brazilian butt lifts, though they are quite expensive!

You can wear the butt lifter as you continue doing these tips, which would lift your butt more as you progress naturally.

Do these butt lifters really lift your butt?

These butt lifters will do an amazing job in lifting your butt, but they are not a permanent solution, only used for instant results. 

As mentioned before, these butt lifters are specially designed to make your butt look bigger or perkier with padding and body-hugging styles. However, you will need to do exercises and diet changes if you would like to have a permanently lifted butt without the need for butt lifters. I still commend butt lifters for their amazing benefits!

Do low-waist butt lifters still give your butt a lift?

YES, low-waist butt lifters can still give your butt a lift as long as you choose one known to give your butt a perk. The construction would lift and smoothen out the bottoms, so you can rock low-waist with a lifted butt.

Low-waist butt lifters do this by using extra padding to use as a body shaper and make your bum bigger and tummy smaller. Or they are designed to have a short-cut back so your butt cheeks are squished together more, making it look perkier and more lifted. 

What if I want to wear dresses or skirts?

If you want to wear dresses and skirts, then this type of shapewear isn’t ideal to use under it (unless that’s your style). 

Besides butt lift pants, there are butt lift panties and body shaper shorts you can invest in. This allows you to wear it under your skirts, dresses, or shorts so you have a lifted butt no matter what you wear. Of course, I still recommend getting pants shapewear for days you prefer to wear jeans or leggings.

How can I avoid a panty line?

While most of the butt lift pants prevent showing any panty line, I understand that it’s inevitable sometimes! 

To prevent showing any panty lines in tighter butt lift pants, I recommend that you use a breathable thong or laser-cut underwear, which is effective under leggings. You can also try boy shorts, or even go commando, though this may be uncomfortable for some. Avoid wearing thick underwear and avoid using the shapewear on days you have your period (especially if you use menstrual pads). 

How do I care for my butt lifting pants?

You can follow your butt lifters’ laundry recommendations on how to wash them. Usually, you can place the shapewear in the washing machine on a gentle cycle with warm water and a good detergent.

But if you own padded bum pants, then I recommend that you hand wash them in cool water using a mild detergent. This prevents the padding from damaging or moving around in the machine. 

Wrapping It Up

Many women would love to have that rounded and perky butt, and a buttlifter can give you that instant boost! With the right stylish shapewear, you can wear them wherever you want and show off your butt with such confidence.

I hope that all this information and reviews on the best butt lifter pants will help you choose what to invest in. So start to see if you can get any of these butt lifter pants and walk with grace and confidence now.

Would you like to share your take on butt lifter pants or have questions about these butt lifters? Do share it in the comments section below, I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences!

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