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The Best Body Shapers Reviews 2020

Most women own one of this or are planning to buy a body shaper sooner or later.   For those planning to buy, their biggest problem even though unspoken loudly, is on how to get the best body shaper in the market.   This is mainly because there are over 1000 kinds and pieces to choose from. Where do you start from? What do you look for and how do you get a best bargain?

If you want to enjoy wearing one, you must be able to get the best shaper regarding material, size and pattern all in one product. A body shaper as its names suggest is meant to help the woman shape her body.

Best Body Shapers Comparison Chart

Camellias Women's Seamless Firm Control Shapewear Open Bust Bodysuit Body Shaper ReviewCamellias Women's Seamless Firm Control Shapewear Open Bust Bodysuit Body Shaper★★★★★ (5)CamelliasFabric Latex / Nylon / SpandexCheck Price
Sunzel Women's Body Briefer Smooth Wear - Bra Slimmer Shapewear Bodysuits ReviewSunzel Women's Body Briefer Smooth Wear - Bra Slimmer Shapewear Bodysuits★★★★ (4.5)SunzelNylon / ElastaneCheck Price
Franato Women's Firm Control Slimming Bodysuit Shapewear ReviewFranato Women's Firm Control Slimming Bodysuit Shapewear★★★★ (4.5)FranatoNylon / SpandexCheck Price
Maidenform Flexees Women's Shapewear Hi-Waist Brief Firm Control ReviewMaidenform Flexees Women's Shapewear Hi-Waist Brief Firm Control★★★★ (4)MaidenformNylon / Elastane / Cotton Check Price
SPANX Power Series Medium Control Higher Power Short ReviewSPANX Power Series Medium Control Higher Power Short★★★★ (4)SPANX Nylon / Spandex Check Price

What is a Body Shaper?

If you have wondered how others achieve a very attractive and worth dying for body shape, then this is it.  It comes in different materials and design made to fit just your body by being able to catch your curves just in the right places. But one thing is for sure you do not have to spend endless amount of hours in the gym to have a toned body. With the nature of the live and work schedule, sometimes it’s just impossible to hit the gym. It enables you to mystify a new look in an instant.

Wearing one of these body shapers often referred to as body shaper underwear allows the wearer to hide any fats that sometimes are quite unsightly. It is therefore important that you understand the kinds of body shapers in the market before you set out to make your orders; Below is a list of how to know what to wear and where of the best body shapers in the market.

What do you look for when purchasing a best body shaper?

You need to realise that the story of these body shapers go along long time. The current shapers have been made of incredible material and fits well. The greatest advantages you will enjoy include losing 3 – 4 inches to your waist in an instant. You will also be able to increase your self esteem wearing one of these incredible shapers something everyone desire and yearns for.

To enjoy the benefits, buy the correct size. Most of those who have given negative reviews have been found to wear the wrong sizes. The secret therefore is to get the correct measurement when you make your purchase. And one last item, never forget o keep in mind the neckline of your dress and which part of your bodies you want to reshape, interestingly and most often, you might not need to reshape all parts of your body. There are a large number of best brands to choose from but to avoid searching in vain, the list above is quite constructive.

Best Body Shapers Reviews

Camellias Women’s Seamless Firm Control Shapewear Open Bust Bodysuit Body Shaper Black


Fabric Latex / Nylon / Spandex

Overall Rating

Camellias Women's Seamless Firm Control Shapewear Open Bust Bodysuit Body Shaper Black Review

This is considered to be one of the best body shapers in market. It comes in three slimming layers and deemed to be very effective for those looking for great results. It is made of high quality material mostly nylon, latex and spandex. Camellia’s seamless wear is a durable product promising wearers an incredible built for those women who have a few pounds to hide and look flawless.

Camellia’s shape wear comes with excellent service. It is available in two different styles namely thong and panty. Some of the things you will like about it, mostly is that, you will be able to wear your favorite bra as it comes with open bust as it leaves room for that. The shape wear can be used for different occasions.

Most of those who have purchased this particular product and according to available reviews indicate that it allows them to feel slim and sexy; comfortable and quite convenient to wear. It comes with cotton gusset for ease of bathroom use. Best worn for body shape wear for weight loss, waist training, post pregnancy and partum and for women who value to look classic.

Some of the notable problems with Camellia’s shape wear is sizing which runs very small. There have been complaints about the thong being a little uncomfortable by those who have bought the product.

Sunzel Women’s Body Briefer Smooth Wear – Your Own Bra Slimmer Shapewear Bodysuits


Nylon / Elastane

Overall Rating

Sunzel Women's Body Briefer Smooth Wear - Your Own Bra Slimmer Shapewear Bodysuits Review

For those looking to control and at affordable cost, this in essence is the best body shapers for under dresses to adorn. Firstly, the price is something you will like and secondly, the product will allow you to enjoy a firm and smoothed appearance.

It is quite durable, light weight and made of durable materials that when worn, is able to take you through a whole day’s activity effortlessly. It allows you to wear your own bra, while at the same time comes with wide shoulder straps, is seamless and rarely shows on any kind of clothing you wear. The good thing about the body shaper tights shoulder straps is that they rarely dig into the skin.

Comes with very easy sizing, all you need to do to get the right size is to get your dress size and you will be ready to go. The product gives wears the choice of two colors namely beige and modern black. In order to enjoy wearing the product, you must know your right size.

It is a little tight and quite restrictive and if you wear the wrong size, you will surely have a run down.   Takes time to wear but flawless once worn. It is best worn with any form fitting piece of clothing.

Franato Women’s Firm Control Slimming Bodysuit Shapewear


Nylon / Spandex

Overall Rating

Franato Women's Firm Control Slimming Bodysuit Shapewear Review

Another high quality body shapers for stomach made of nylon and elastine from Franato.

One great thing you will enjoy about this particular shape wear is the great features and material it is made of.   This body wear is known to work best for the body namely torso, by lifting the butt, flattening the tummy not forgetting the mid section which can be unsightly, part of the legs/thighs.

You will also appreciate that it has a firm and flawless fitting which helps smooth’s the body contours. Wearers need to remember that you will need to wear a bra as this kind of shapers for tummy and thighs is not made to lift the bust. The straps are bare elastic and therefore not strong enough to provide bust support. Wearing your own bra would give you a better standing as the firmness in the product is a little wanting.

Sizing also matters, you need to go smaller if you need to enjoy the fitting. It is less expensive and affordable for those people looking for an everyday wear for all occasions. The body wear is quite flexible and can be worn with basically anything for those looking for an attractive figure.

Maidenform Flexees Women’s Shapewear Hi-Waist Brief Firm Control


Nylon / Elastane / Cotton

Overall Rating

Maidenform Flexees Women's Shapewear Hi-Waist Brief Firm Control Review

Those looking for body shapers plus size with a lower cost option; nothing could come at a better time. It will help boost your curves, and is considered to be best tummy solutions in the market.   The high waist fits makes it have an incredible sexy look and the silicon material helps prevent any roll down.

Maidenform flexes is one of the products that come in literally more colors namely black, beige, white and a variety of sizes providing variety for various size wear. It secretly slim users without realizing the inches disappear. But can be a little uncomfortable when going to the bathroom. It boasts of two-ply mesh liner making it easier to wear the whole day with maximum ease.

What you will enjoy about this body shaper is the fact that you do not have to be in great shape to wear it. Once you adorn it you will be good to go. If you are between the sizes the best advice would be to go a size down for better control.

It is also important to note that it can get a little tighter at the beginning, but in essence this is just for a while, it will loosen in due course. This is best worn with any fitting clothes that allow users to hide the budges and for all occasions.

SPANX Power Series Medium Control Higher Power Short


Nylon / Spandex

Overall Rating

SPANX Power Series Medium Control Higher Power Short Review

This Power Series is simply referred to as providing 360° support with ultimate support for the body and ease of movement. Made of three main material namely spandex, elastine and nylon and comes in three amazing colors.

If you want something that helps you slim the thighs and make you have an hour glass shape why not consider this. This is a great product for those conscious of their thighs.

It is made from softer yarns and noted to make fitting incredible. This in essence makes it a preferred wear compared to the others in the market. It slips in easily and perfectly fits the body. The good thing is that it never shows in any kind of wear however sheer, if you get the right color.

Remember that just like with other body shapers, people are always looking for something they can wear the whole day and help them move around. This comes with dramatic results, the progress might be slow, but wearing overtime will allow you to see the results.

Wearers have indicated the following cons: The double gusset provided is too tight making relieving oneself a little difficult task. The top tends to roll thereby requiring adjusting from time to time even though it is referred to as non-slip.


Not everybody can have the hourglass body they yearn for. This in essence should not be a reason to wear your desired design and fashion. The introduction of body shapers for love handles has brought great relief to many women who had lost hope when it comes to dressing.

What we need to understand that not all celebrities have those flawless body we always see on the catwalk. Most of them like the ordinary women are grappling with weight and stomach issues and it is therefore not a surprise to find them wearing one of these body shapers for stomach or body shaper for large stomach.

Celebrities aside, are you planning for a wedding and is unable wear your desired dress because of body issues? Most women have body imperfections they wish to cover. A wedding is one special occasion and most women would spend anything to ensure that they are the center of attention on their day. Your answer simply lies in getting shapers for wedding dresses.